Best VPN Services 2021

Top 3 Best VPNs for: Privacy. Hiding IP. Streaming. Unblock Sites & Apps. All Devices.

Last Updated February 2021

The Best VPNs have Excellent Customer Reviews

#1 ExpressVPN - Top VPN Worldwide. Rated Excellent from over 6,069 users on Trustpilot.
#2 NordVPN - Top VPN Worldwide. Rated Excellent from over 4,903 users on Trustpilot.
#3 Surfshark - Top VPN Worldwide. Rated Excellent from over 7,473 users on Trustpilot.


Frequently asked questions about VPN

What is the best VPN?
The best VPNs can be found on this page/site. Our experts have carefully chosen the best ones for 2021.
What is a VPN connection?
VPN stands for “virtual private network”. It encrypts and secures all the data that is transferred between you and your online activities. That means that your internet service provider (or anyone else) cannot see your internet traffic.
What does a VPN do?
A VPN protects your online identity and enables secure browsing.
How to get a VPN?
Getting a VPN is really simple. Choose one from our toplist on this page. Your discount will automatically be activated. After payment, the VPN company will provide you with exact details on how you install it.
How to use a VPN?
After installation, you simply access the VPN app with one click and the app will connect you to the best VPN server for you at the moment.
A VPN can be used on any device.